Signs you have not found the Beautiful One Part IV


The more I focus on the idea of The Beautiful One, the more I see it being applied in my everyday life. The more awareness I have in going through my day, shopping and zeroing in on what brings me joy, the better I am at figuring out what my Beautiful One will be. Signs you have not found it:

If you are still searching

Lets say you need a new rain jacket and you purchase one based on price, practicality, other people’s opinions. Perhaps those are all reasons you choose a rain jacket, however if after the purchase you find yourself making excuses to go to MEC or outdoor stores to try on rain jackets, or you are noticing other people’s jackets when you are out and about, or perhaps you continue to look at online blogs/pinterest for ideas. This is a clue that you have missed something important in your choice. If you are still looking/comparing your new purchase to others, you have not found your Beautiful One

You thought it was the Beautiful One in the store

After six years of having the same bed spread I decided it was time for a change. I went to Ikea, stood in the overwhelming duvet section and let my heart choose. I was so proud of myself, I didn’t look at the price first, I didn’t ask the opinion of my sister, I let my heart choose a yellow and white bedspread. I brought it home, and for the first few weeks really liked it, but I did not feel ready to get rid of my six year old bed spread- a red flag that I had an inkling this new one was not the Beautiful One. After a few weeks I found I was once again looking at bedroom pictures online, and taking note of other people’s bed spread. I fought this for a while, reminding myself how much I loved it in the store. 

Then a clue came along, I was in the “as is” section of Ikea and bought a pillow case that was grey on one side and striped on the other. It didn’t match either of my current bed spreads, but I really liked it and took it home. I would hide it under my other pillows during the day and then use it to sleep on- dailly it would bring me joy. After a year of fighting it, and having two bed spreads that neither left me fully satisfied I decided to once again go back to Ikea. 

This time I was apprehensive, I had listened to my heart last time, but it had not led me to the Beautiful One. Instead of viewing it as a mistake I viewed it as a lesson. What had I learned? I learned that I don’t like cheerful, or bright bedding. I looked at the aspects of the bedding I had had for six years and realized grey and dull tones were what appealed to me. I also looked at the random pillow I had bought and asked myself what I liked about it. Once again, I stood in the overwhelming duvet section and let my heart choose. It chose the duvet set that matched my random pillow. I knew it was the right decision when I made my bed with my new set and immediately put both old bed sets into my donation bin. The Beautiful One had been found!

Have you bought something you thought was The Beautiful One only to discover it wasn’t? What did you do to correct this situation?

Does every category need a Beautiful One? Part III


Some people when hearing about the Beautiful One feel overwhelmed. Imagining only having one perfect item for every category in your house does sound exhausting! I’m here to tell you not every category needs a Beautiful One, but you need to figure out what those categories are!

In some areas I like to have variety, options and change. For instance, sunglasses are something I will never invest in. I find I lose them, break them or the styles change too often for me to invest in one specific pair. I find that after one to two summers I’m itching to play around with the styles available and want something new. Since I buy cheap sunglasses I’m ok with letting them go and buying a new pair. 

For me, I wear a watch everyday and I like the consistency of having just one to choose from. I could see this being an area people prefer having a variety. I only ever wear two rings, they are both high quality and both have a story to them. However, I know lots of people who buy cheap rings, wear them for a season and then find new ones. 

What is a category you enjoy having a variety of? What is one category you enjoy having a Beautiful One?

Which category needs a Beautiful One? Part II


I find that even though I believe in the Beautiful One I still fight myself on investing in one, because it often means a financial investment. These are some of the filters I have to put my decision through before I commit to an item:

How often do I use this item- if this is going to be a specialty item I do not feel the need to have A beautiful One. For example- a pair of high heels I wear three times a year for special occasions, versus a high quality pair of boots I will wear daily to keep out the rain.

What will I be using this for? If you’re deciding to buy a rain jacket there is a difference if you will be wearing it to dash in between shops or back and forth to your car on rainy days, versus, if you do a large amount of hiking or own a dog and are required to be out in the pouring rain with a chuck it  most days. Does investing in high quality make a difference in outcome? When it comes to a rain jacket sorta dry and dry are two very different things! 

When it comes to this item do I value how I/it look(s)? Using the rain jacket example some people do not care if they look like a giant green blob as long as they’re dry. Others care that a  rain jacket is slimming and fitting, others care that there are air vents. You need to know what your values are when it comes to appearance and buying this item. Often cheaper versions do not have as nice an aesthetic.

What do I notice about other people? Do you find you pay attention to people’s shoes? Their bags? Their cars? This is a tip about what you appreciate. I find that often the areas we notice in others is where we should invest our money and attention. 

An example of choosing a Beautiful One revealed itself when I noticed a friend’s new kettle. It’s a gorgeous, red, well known, expensive brand and really made a statement on the counter. When I asked her about it, she said she had consciously made the decision to invest in a more expensive kettle for three reasons: 

1. Tea is a high value to her and she drinks multiple cups a day. 

2. She, her mom and her sister all have the same kettle and it symbolizes that they are all connected even though they are miles apart. 

3. It matches her aesthetic and how she wants her kitchen to appear. 

Though a kettle’s only job is to boil water my friend had decided to invest in a Beautiful One for more money.  I already knew the filter she had put this decision through. Though I don’t need my kettle to be a Beautiful One, I know she daily makes tea, feels connected to her family and loves the aesthetic- that is worth the investment! 

Where you choose to invest in a Beautiful One totally depends on your values and your filter system. Ask yourself these questions the next time you’re thinking of investing. In what areas have you invested in a Beautiful One?