The Beautiful One Part I


Have you ever found a single item that meets all your needs for that category? I call this the Beautiful One

Let me explain. The beautiful one is when you buy an item whether it’s a watch, a journal, sunglasses, or a winter coat and it meets all your needs, all your requirements, it is beautiful, useful and above all, you. You purchase it and you call off the search. No longer do you look at window displays for that item, because when you pass displays instead of coveting what’s in the window these displays only serve to make you think fondly of your Beautiful One at home. 

Unfortunately, most people experience the opposite of the beautiful one. You are out shopping and you find something that meets your need and it’s 90% great and 10% not right, and you buy it anyway. This item meets the unmet need you were previously experiencing, but you still find yourself constantly on the lookout, unknowingly looking for the Beautiful One.  

My first Beautiful One was my car. When I was 22 years old I bought my first car, a 2008 Honda Fit. I grew to adore this car, it was fast, it was standard and it was mine. I lovingly named it “Gus Gus” after the mouse in Cinderella. Most of my friends took it as fact that Gill loved her car. One rainy, dark and poor visibility night Gus Gus and I got into an accident, sadly I walked away, he got written off and our love story came to an end. So what did I do? I bought a 2007 Honda Fit. When you find the beautiful one, and you know in your heart it’s the Beautiful One, you don’t try to remake it, you replace it.

My most recent Beautiful One is a Daniel Wellington, rose gold watch. I have adored Daniel Wellington watches ever since I bought a knock off version in SouthEast Asia. I would notice other people wear it, see it in online ads and always enjoyed the simplicity. When my knock off version bit the dust I took it as a sign I was to be satisfied with the watches I already had. Somehow I had come to own three watches, yet, none of them made me as happy as a Daniel Wellington. This is when you know you haven’t found the Beautiful One- when the search continues even though your need should technically be met. 

Two years later, I was scrolling Craigslist and found someone was selling the Daniel Wellington, rose gold watch I had always wanted. They were asking a price I originally thought was  preposterous for a watch, but then I realized it would be my Beautiful One. I had had three cheap watches, they were meeting my need, but not my desire. I had wanted this watch for two years so it wasn’t an impulse purchase, and I wear a watch everyday. Before I could overthink it, I contacted the person and purchased the watch. I could not believe how much joy it brought me, sure the first night I had doubts after spending the most money I had ever spent on a watch, but that day I bought more than a watch. 

I bought less decisions – before I had to choose between 3 watches to wear, I donated those three watches after purchasing my DW watch.

I bought simplicity- I had a watch that I knew went with everything, was the style I wanted, and required no decision

I bought joy- everytime I look down at my wrist it affirms my good decision and gives me a thrill that I have the wrist I have been pinning on pinterest for all this time

I bought The Beautiful One.

Do you have a beautiful one that you have purchased? 

Did you know when you were purchasing it that it was a beautiful one or did it become one over time?

Do you have in mind a beautiful one you have yet to purchase? What’s holding you back?

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