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A few years ago, I never wore my jewelry and thought my digital watch counted as jewelry. I did not wear jewelry on a regular basis and was deeply intimidated by much of the jewelry I did have. There is something about jewelry that appeals to us, it’s beautiful, it’s enchanting, it makes us feel elevated. Jewelry is not meant to sit in a box, it’s meant to be worn and enjoyed. Fast forward to today and I wear a watch, ring, earrings and necklace every single day and all of my jewelry regularly makes it out of my closet. Let’s talk about strategies and methods for actually wearing your jewelry instead of just admiring it. 

You have to decide to be someone who wears her jewelry. You choose your intention and decide everything will be coming out of the box and is an option for wearing.  If you aren’t sure, your brain will convince you that today isn’t a good idea and next time would be better. Get really clear that you want to wear your jewelry.

Where is your jewelry? Tucked at the back of your cupboard, or out on your dresser? The placement of your jewelry and how easy it is to access is key to the ease of wearing it. Move it somewhere you can easily see it everyday. While you’re finding a new place to display your jewelry, take a moment to organize it. When we see a mess we want to avoid a mess. Ensure your necklaces are hanging straight, your earrings are in their pairs and your bracelets are not twisted up in knots.

If you are not in the habit of wearing jewelry every day, begin by only displaying the ones you LOVE. These are your workhorses, they are easy and you feel confident throwing them on. You don’t have to overthink it, just remember to wear it. If you keep your fancy show ponies mixed in you will become overwhelmed. In the beginning, we only want to show our brain what is actually an option for the everyday. Go ahead and store those show ponies out of sight.

I go to my jewelry box every day. I put on earrings just like I put on underwear, it feels weird if I don’t. That’s just good ol’ muscle memory

There are no rules! Play, experiment, try things on at home and have a night pairing different jewelry with the same outfit. It’s fun and you’ll learn so much! I love to notice what jewelry I’m drawn to on others and then go home and recreate it. Through this method, I have learned some of my favourite silhouettes: a high-necked top with a bold necklace or a collared shirt with a necklace peaking out. My favs 🙂

You know that beautiful necklace that takes your breath away or those earrings that remind you of that special day? Why not be bold and wear them today? No matter what anyone says, there is no jewelry police. I have 2 jewelry show ponies, items that I struggle to wear on a regular basis, for these 2 items I use special design and determination:

Ensure that you design your outfit around this show pony. You are choosing all the other items based on this choice. Otherwise, you will put on a neckline that doesn’t go with this necklace and end up keeping the top and leaving the show pony behind. When I chose to wear my necklace I chose my entire outfit based on it. I knew I needed a high-necked top and only tried on those options.

Your brain may scream, yell, and throw up fears, and doubts, your job is to stay determined to make it out of the house. No matter what excuses it throws out there, remind yourself ‘I am determined to use and enjoy ALL my things.’

When it whispers:

💭This is too much!

💭What if it gets damaged?

💭It’s too expensive

💭It’s too old

💭It’s too new

💭It’s a family heirloom

💭It’s too shiny

💭It’s too bold

Remember, you are determined to USE and ENJOY all of your belongings, including your best jewelry ✨

What jewelry items do you struggle to wear? What helps you put them on and wear them out of the house?

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  1. Hi, will you be doing a blog post on using up craft supplies? (I’m not on Instagram.) I’m susceptible to collecting all the materials (love doing that 🙂 ), but then balking at actually starting/completing the craft project. They always look so perfect in the pictures in the books, online – seams always straight, no wonky parts. I can get so overwhelmed that I forget it’s a hobby and enjoying the process is part of it. I’m a perfectionist and I think I postpone starting/completing because I fear it won’t be as good as the picture (as if anyone is going to notice the little mistakes).

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