Let someone else choose


Sometimes just picking what you want to use can be the hardest part. You look at all the items you never give yourself permission to use and get overwhelmed. 

  • Too many hair products
  • Exploding jewellery box
  • Blazers galore

To combat the overwhelm of choosing where to start I bring you Show Pony Summer Series Method #9 Let someone else choose. This method is easy, have someone else pick which show pony for you to use or wear. Kids, a spouse, a partner, a virtual friend. Hold up the items or category you want to focus on and let them choose. Alone? Do a round of eenie, meenie, miny, mo and put on or use whatever you land on. Don’t let overwhelm or analysis paralysis stop you from getting started. 

I had 3 summer dresses I hadn’t worn in a long time and decided to put on a dress. I really wanted to wear my white embroidered dress but was talking myself out of it, so I enlisted the help of my husband. I held up the three dresses and without skipping a beat he said ‘the embroidered one.’ Just like that he gave me permission to wear the one I wanted to wear most and wouldn’t give myself permission to do so. It really is that easy!

If you can’t decide, don’t. Have someone else do it for you, or close your eyes and point. The practice is in using your things, not choosing the right thing to start using. There is no right answer, but having a method or another person choose can make it all easier.

How do you choose what to start using? What’s your method?

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