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On Monday we talked about choosing 1 item to use up and finish. From hair products to books, to candles, making a decision to use and enjoy 1 item until it is gone can be freeing. Today we are going to put a twist on this and talk about Show Pony Summer Series Method #4 Wear the heck out of it. Dresses are a category of clothing I love to ignore but am always drawn to when shopping. What’s the result? I have a bunch of dresses I never wear 🙂

Heading into the summer I thought ‘enough is enough’ these are turning into show ponies, how can I make them workhorses? To begin, I chose 1 dress to focus on, the one I was most intimidated to wear, my white embroidered dress. Then I gave myself permission to wear the heck out of it. this meant stains, sweat, wear and tear were allowed. This gave my brain permission to wear it whenever, wherever. 

  • Ice cream with a friend? Check
  • Shopping? Check. 
  • Heading to the beach? Check

This turned the question from what are all the reasons I can’t wear this dress to keep it safe? into, where are all the places I can wear this dress? Instead of focusing on all my dresses, I focused on one dress and it got out of the closet often! When I thought about wearing a dress, my brain fought me on whether I should wear a dress or not. when I thought about wearing this dress my brain thought ‘oooooh another opportunity to wear it.’ I set a goal for my brain and every time I wore this dress I felt rewarded for meeting this goal. I’m wearing this dress right now as I type this.

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Another item I gave myself permission to wear the heck out of was my quarter zip sweater. Do you ever try something on in the store and get that feeling you’re going to love it? That was this sweater. It was my colour, a quarter zip (big enough for my head and hair to get through easily) and the perfect length. What can I say, I was in love. I know that this love can quickly turn into protecting this item, keeping it safe, and making up a bunch of rules for when and where it is safe to wear it. Knowing this about myself, I made the intention that it would be my summer workhorse sweater. I would wear it whenever and wherever. Heading to the beach? This has become my go-to. Wearing a dress and need a layer? I know what to reach for. 

The best part of giving myself permission to wear the heck out of something is that I get so many opportunities to enjoy it. I no longer have to pace myself or take it slow, I can use this item all the time. It feels good to have a workhorse that I love and that I get to use.

Do you have a summer item you can wear the heck out of? 

  • Perhaps it’s choosing one bathing suit you always reach for. 
  • Maybe it’s pulling out a pair of sandals you turn into a workhorse. 
  • Perhaps it’s a dress you thought you couldn’t wear every day. 

Once you give yourself permission to wear the heck out of something you’ll be amazed at all the opportunities and occasions you think to wear it.  

Photo credit Jen Newman Photography

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