A tip for how to get started


Do you find yourself sitting at home knowing you have a lot to do with no motivation to do it? Of course, you do! Read on for a trick to make it easier to get started!

I know once I get going I’ll find a rhythm and momentum, but it’s as though I just can’t muster the momentum to start. This is where I try to change my space to change my mentality. 

Put on an upbeat song- even better if it can be played over speakers

Start the dishwasher

Start the laundry

Open the blinds

Clear a counter

Make your bed

Charge a device

Turn on the lights

Fold blankets and put them away

I’m not saying you start folding the five laundry baskets that have somehow piled up and are staring you in the face. Maybe you fold one? Or you distribute them to the rooms they belong in. Do not let perfection be the opposite of good. Maybe it’s not washing all the dishes, but putting all the dirty dishes together and wiping the counter.

Do something easy that has major visual returns. A clear counter, made bed and light shining through help you get the momentum you want.

What do you do to kickstart your momentum? Do you have any tips or tricks to share?

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