My kitchen strainer made me stop and think


Do you ever have something come along in life that makes you pause and reflect? This time it was my kitchen strainer…

Recently I bought a kitchen drain strainer and I suddenly realized how much junk used to go down my sink. Everyday I am emptying this strainer of food, garbage and stuff that used to mindlessly wash it’s way down the sink. This got me thinking- what are other filters I can put in my life to simply make me aware?

Recently I deleted a large number of apps off my phone- snap chat, Reddit, pinterest, my step counter, TED, FB messenger (before I realized you can’t check fb messages without the app, I was on a roll, OK)! Suddenly, those apps no longer weigh on me. If you are shuddering at the idea of deleting these apps, that’s fair, it took a lot of thought, motivation and honestly a virus to get rid of these apps. However, it made me realize how easy it is to open an app just because. 

What are some other “strainers” we can put in our life?

When you buy a bike and realize how much you used to spend on gas

When you keep track of your spending and how much you used to spend on muffins (personal story there)

When you buy a smaller dresser and realize how many extra clothes you have

When you move to a smaller place and realize two couches aren’t actually a requirement

When you don’t buy Christmas presents and realize how much shopping weighs on you in the Christmas season

When you use an app to record how much time you spend on social media, ouch!

When you use a step counter and realize how much you sit.

My most recent “strainer” was revealed by social distancing. It has shown me how valuable it is to slow down, to listen to my body, to not run on adrenaline and see how much I can squeeze into a 24 hour period. I am hoping I remember this experience when life returns to normal.

This strainer brought a lot into focus and made me think about other areas of my life.  What are areas of your life that are suddenly revealed to you? 

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